A Back-To-School Eyewear Event Boosts Slow Season!

So, you’re in the tan-biz slow season … what to do?

Late summer is a great time to host an event that features eye protection. You’ll use your eyewear event to remind your salon guests that protecting their eyes is critical to their future and to show them all the latest options in the diverse and fun eye protection world. It’s a great way to get your college tanners back into your salon and draw attention to your upgrades, lotions and other services, while increasing your bottom line.

One great aspect of eye protection is affordability – you can contact your favorite distributor and order a boatload of different goggles and disposables for a ridiculously small investment. I recommend you offer many types: the fun, designer types in every color, the super-cheap kinds and dispos-ables. For your eyewear event, arrange your selection boutique-style. A velvet-covered board for display and a make-up mirror work well to let guests try them on to see if they get a tight fit. Offer a free basic pair of goggles with purchase of a basic upgrade tanning package or a tattoo stick – some- thing around $10. They get a free “fancy” pair or several pairs of disposables with a high-pressure session, spray-tan or bou-tique retail item around $25. Keeping with the theme, you could bring in sunglasses to sell for this event. I recommend creating a sign showing 3-4 things they get for each category. Make it simple and offer some novelty products that you’d like to sell to increase your retail revenues.

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