How Many Times Can I Re-Use Disposable Eye Protection?

I recently received email from a tanner who asked how many times one could wear disposable eyewear. She asked how long disposables block ultraviolet light and couldn’t she wear them several times before they quit protecting her eyes?

I replied by explaining that the problem wasn’t the UV blocking material, but the sanitary aspect of using disposable products only once. I explained that all disposable eyewear is categorized as a Class One Medical Product, just like ear swabs, disposable medical gloves, and cotton balls. Disposable eyewear manufacturers are licensed by the FDA (Food and Drug Ad- ministration) to create products intended for one-time use only. You wouldn’t want your doctor re-using your tongue depressor on you next week, would you? I asked Lisa Parsons, Director of Brand Development for Devoted Creations, how she answers this question. Parsons explains that disposable eyewear is like a Band-Aid. “You really don’t want to save a bandage and then put it back on a few days later, right? Once the disposable eyewear is pulled off the paper backing, the adhesive can pick up skin cells and bacteria that the big cooling fans blow around the tanning room during a session. Re-useable goggles don’t have adhesive, so oily fingers, tanning lotions and dead skin don’t contaminate them quite as easily.” Lisa, voted a top tanning trainer several times, concludes by adding, “You should clean your re-useable goggles with antibacterial soap and dry them thoroughly after every use. Storing them in a resealable bag prevents contamination.”

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