Ideas for a Fresh Start!

In last month’s IST Magazine, I shared some eyewear inspiration from a dedicated salon owner. This month, I thought I would share some ideas from tanning centers in England, as well as input from three tanning product distributors.

From Kristin Jackson, Marketing Director at Heartland Tanning: “I think it’s a great time for tanning centers to run an ‘Eye Love’ campaign to create awareness of the importance of eye protection. Invite your tanners to snap a selfie while they’re in the bed showing them wearing eyewear then share the photos on your social media pages with a creative hashtag. This will show followers that people are still tanning and creates a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) situation. Your customers’ selfies promote your salon, your equipment and the different eyewear options you offer. At the end of the campaign, you could even draw one guest’s name to win a bottle of lotion or free eyewear for a year.”

Sarah Sahin of Body Tan, shares her happiness that due to COVID precautions, she does not have to allow kids in her store. “It’s bliss!” she exclaims. “No more babysitting! We also no longer put goggles on each bed, since it wasn’t sanitary. But, I quickly learned I can make money selling our guests a pair of goggles or disposables every time they enter the salon – a COVID silver lining!” adds this Gosforth, England salon operator.

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