Let’s Get Rid of One More Thing in 2020: RACCOON EYES!

It’s been a rough year for all of us … we’d like it behind us. And let’s put raccoon eyes behind us and move into 2021 with everyone wearing eye protection when they tan! Research shows that about HALF of indoor tanners don’t wear protective eyewear during a UV session. These tanners understand that they may be damaging their vision, but they still don’t wear eye protection. When asked why they don’t, they answer, “I don’t want to get raccoon eyes!” Tanners are concerned about developing unsightly tan lines around their eyes – as a responsible salon operator, what can you tell them?

“Wash your face!” Yes, the No. 1 cause of dreaded “raccoon eye” tan lines is SPF, NOT goggles! Most facial moisturizers contain SPF; by the time you’ve applied moisturizer, eye cream, dark circle cover-up, foundation and eye shadow, you’re (potentially) wearing six layers of SPF! This also applies to the guys, as most men’s facial care products also contain SPF. To develop a much more even tan, wash your face before your UV session.

“Carefully apply your bronzing lotions.” A lot of tanning lotions contain bronzers; if you don’t apply that product around your eyes carefully, you’re painting giant raccoon eyes on yourself!

“Adjust your eye protection.” Adjusting the position of your eyewear just a bit during your tanning session will minimize tan lines.

“Switch eye protection types.” Many tanners like to alternate between a couple of different eyewear types. This is just like changing your swimsuit to minimize tan lines.

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