Long-Lashed Tanners Not Wearing Eyewear? What Can You Do?

A new trend has surfaced in indoor tanning eye protection … more specifically, a trend in NOT wearing it!

Women who have always worn eyewear when they tanned are no longer wearing it. Why? They’re getting eyelash extensions – it’s expensive, time-consuming and tanners are afraid of damaging their glued-on lashes, so they forgo wearing their goggles during a tanning session. I think these salon guests are hoping that their very long lashes will protect their eyes; but, unfortunately, eyelashes offer no UV protection and closing your eyes only provides a 25% ultraviolet block.

As you may know, UV rays from tanning beds tan your skin, but the rays also burn your eyes. It’s important to wear FDA-compliant eyewear to protect your night vision, color vision and prevent eye burns such as “snow blindness” or “welders flash,” as well as possible development of growths on your eyes.

I also spoke to Jason Brooks, National Sales Manager for New Sunshine LLC, makers of eye protection for the Australian Gold, Designer Skin and California Tan brands. “As long lashes gained popularity, we invented Designer Skin Glamour Eyes,” Brooks stated. “We designed Glamour Eyes goggles with a tall cup, so that long, voluminous lashes have room, but the goggle won’t create ‘raccoon eye’ tanlines. This goggle style also has a clear nose-piece that prevents tan lines, and Glamour Eyes include a trendy, compact carrying case.”

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