Salons Share Tips for Convincing Tanners to Use Eyewear

A recent Facebook tanning forum posted a myriad of ways to convince salon guests to wear eye protection for every session. Try a few of these great ideas!

“I always share my personal experience with them. I am ashamed to admit that when I worked in a salon, I did not always wear my protective eyewear. I learned during a recent eye exam that I have possible eye damage. After they know about my vision issues, my tan- ners wear their eyewear!”

Diana Lynn Hirsh-Walker
Tropical Obsession Tanning Salon & Spa – Sebring, FL

“I always suggest to tanners that they put their eyewear in a resealable bag to keep it clean. They can then attach their little baggie to their bottle of lotion with a hair tie, so they have everything they need all together. Or better yet, we sell a tanning bag to carry all their necessities.”

Katelyn Marsh
Body & Sol – Endwell, NY

“I damaged my own eyesight and night vision by not wearing eyewear back in the day. I always explain the importance of eye protection! I recommend my tanners give their eyewear a little “wiggle” and reposition it halfway through their session to avoid lines. ‘Raccoon eye’ tan lines are my guests’ biggest worry, and they are totally avoidable.”

Lindsay Nelson
Sun City Tanning – Worcester, MA