Take 2015 “See Those Nice, Bright Colors” FREE Online Training and Receive Goodies!

EP2015 PPT screen Bright ColorsFebruary 2015 – EYE PRO, Inc., world leader in eyewear and makers of Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, WINK-EASE Dark and the NEW Lash Room WINK-EASE, has updated its award-winning staff training with the release of new Lash Room WINK-EASE. This exciting 20-minute training offers a fun approach to eye protection!

“Our new training offers some new options for the salons to promote eye protection through social media” said Jackie DeWald, EYE PRO office manager.  “The training shows several samples of pre-made ads that may be used for social media. With bright colors, fun slogans and fresh new pictures – it’s an appealing way to approach eye protection in a positive way.”

EP sliver braceletTo highlight Eye Pro’s NEW Silver Lash Room Wink-Ease, each salon completing the training will receive a silver-colored bracelet! Educational materials salons will receive include EYE PRO’s 8-page “Indoor Tanner’s Guide to Eye Protection” with a color vision test, information on losing night vision and how to avoid raccoon eyes.  Also included is EYE PRO’s laminated counter mat showing possible eye damage from tanning without properly cleaned eyewear, along with samples of EYE PRO’s NEW Lash Room WINK-EASE, Ultra Gold WINK-EASE and WINK-EASE Dark — a product great for napping and red light.

To take EYE PRO’s training, just go to EyePro.net, click the ‘Support’ button across the top and then select ‘Salon Training’ from the drop-down menu. The training is available 24/7 and takes approximately 20 minutes.

For more information on NEW Lash Room WINK-EASE, Ultra Gold WINK-EASE and WINK-EASE Dark visit EyePro.net or contact EYE PRO at 1-800-726-8322.

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