Crappy Eyewear Week!

In 2005, I met Luella Gustafson, owner of salons in Iowa. She explained that she created a most unusual event to promote eye protection. I’ve shared Luella’s unorthodox idea with many salon operators, and they always applaud her creativity.

First, what is Crappy Eyewear Week? During that week, Luella offers her salon guests the option to turn in their worn-out goggles and get 40% off their next eyewear purchase. She explained, “My tanners didn’t realize they need to clean and periodically replace their goggles. When we offer them a big discount to get a new pair, they examine their goggles and see how filthy they really are. We have them toss it into a big fishbowl, which contains some really disgusting goggles, and they get clean, new eyewear!”

“I have held ‘Crappy Eyewear Week’ at my own salons and at facilities I have managed,” she continues. “We put fishbowls on the counter at each salon and promote Crappy Eyewear Week every two months.”

Of course, I had to ask, “Why do you call it Crappy Eyewear Week and not Eyewear Awareness Week or something more tasteful?” Luella said, “Crappy Eyewear Week is FUN and we get a giggle out of everyone! We show them the really crappy eyewear in the fishbowl and we generate a lot of engagement.

A woman recently brought in some goggles that her dog had chewed. Why would you put those near your eyes, with jagged edges and dog slobber on them?” Luella’s collection also includes many goggles ringed in thick mascara, white goggles that are no longer anywhere near white, and some with missing lenses and broken nose bridges.

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