UGWinkEaseConesIt all started with a chip…and a potato chip bag, which inspired the idea of using a similar material to fashion disposable eyewear for the indoor tanning industry. Today, EYE PRO, Inc. offers the best quality disposable eye protection anywhere, with 30 million pair sold annually. We are the largest manufacturer of disposable eye protection in the world!

In business since 1985, Eye Pro, Inc. distributes clean, easy, disposable Ultra Gold WINK-EASE® and Lash Room WINK-EASE® worldwide. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff provides exceptional customer service and has built a reputation as the ‘eyewear experts’ in the indoor tanning industry.

Our disposable eyewear meets governmental regulations and FDA requirement 21 CFR 1040.20 for US and Canadian indoor tanning, as well as International requirement IEC 60335-2-27:2015 for indoor tanning. When the flat material is shaped into a cone, it offers a customized fit with a light medical-grade adhesive to secure the eyewear in place. Our products won’t leave tan lines and are perfect for high-pressure tanning beds, as well as stand-up booths. Ultra Gold Wink-Ease® and Lash Room WINK-EASE® are the perfect solution for every tanning situation!

Over the Years, Eye Pro has responded to feedback from salons and tanners and proudly introduced new products for the indoor tanning industry. WINK-EASE DARK was added to provide the best red light eye protection. In addition to blocking very bright red light, WINK-EASE DARK is great for the UV tanners that love to nap.

UV Blockers, are maintenance glasses specifically for salon owners and employees to wear whenever they are changing tanning lamps or during equipment maintenance. UV Blockers offer a full range of vision while blocking 99.9% of damaging UVA and UVB rays and providing a comfortable fit.

Two sunless products, sunlessCLEAR and sunlessSPECS, were added to the Eye Pro family. sunlessCLEAR are clear disposable eyewear for clients to wear during sprat tanning. The FDA strongly recommends eye protection when being sprat tanned. sunlessCLEAR also protects lash extensions from oils in spray tans. sunlessSPECS are re-usable glasses to protect the spray tan tech from overspray.

Eye Pro, led by Brenda Fishbaugh, president and animal advocate, is thrilled to support animal causes around the world. A portion of Eye Pro’s sales are donated each year to help efforts to educate people, and to conserve and protect exotic and endangered species around the world.