Do You Know Your State Eyewear Regs?

Having spent 27 years in the tan biz, I can say that most salons don’t know the regulations for tanning in their state. I’m going to cover state eyewear regulations; but if you don’t have a copy of your state tanning laws and are following them, email and I’ll send you the latest version.

Did you know that in Kentucky, salon operators can NOT offer tan- ners shared goggles – those used by multiple people and sanitized by staff after each use. Kentucky tanners are required to have their own eyewear, or the salon must provide disposable eye protection (it is not required to be provided for free.)

Salons in New Hampshire are also prohibited from offering shared goggles. Goggles cannot be altered in any manner that changes it from the manufacturer’s intended use, such as removing elastic straps that are included in the product packaging. The salon must sell tanners eyewear or provide disposable eye protection.

Iowa is my favorite: eyewear can- not be reused, it can’t be altered, and your staff must ask to see a tanner’s eyewear before they enter a tanning room. In addition, the salon must provide disposable eyewear in the tanning rooms at all times with a sign posted stating that it’s available and must be worn (whew!) I consider Iowa’s law to be excellent! It ensures that the tanner shows that they have eyewear, but still has access to clean eyewear in the tanning room.

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