Donate to Your Passion & Build Your Biz!

Get ready for a heartwarming story!

Gina and Chris Martinichio of California SunDaze Tanning Studio & Coffee & Smoothie Bar wanted to thank the Binghamton, NY community for 30 years of supporting the business. Having personally found and adopted an abandoned kitten, they chose a charity close to their hearts – Every Dog’s Dream Animal Rescue. Gina then created “Furtastic Friday,” giving gifts to customers who donated to the charity. Salon guests who donated had their photos taken next to the huge “Fur-mometer” that showed SunDaze’s progress toward their $4,500 goal.

We’ve all done these fundraisers, right? But have you raised over $7,500 for your charity? A single 11-bed salon with one spray-tan room donated $7,500 to cover medical bills for abandoned pups and kittens!

“I remember once watching an interview with Warren Buffet,” explained the longtime salon owner. “The interviewer discussed the fact and principles of giving and how it seemed that every time Warren gave his money away, he became richer. We wanted to thank our tanners for 30 years of sun, and wanted to give back to our community. No one was more surprised than me that our lotion and upgrade sales have now increased 20%.”

How did Gina do it? “I worked closely with our distributor, Four Seasons,” she explained. “Ashley and Carmen contacted several manufacturers, who sent us samples and goodies to give away. Together, we created some really great giveaways for our customers.” For a $5 donation, SunDaze tanners received either a free session or upgrade and a free lotion packette. For an additional $10, they received a free gift with a value of up to $30. “For example,…

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