EYE PRO’s ‘Salon Tips’ Proves A Valuable Online Resource for Salons

EYE PRO, Inc., world leader in eyewear and makers of Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE, and WINK-EASE Dark, wants to support salons as much as possible, and has a special section of their website dedicated to doing just that!

Looking for a checklist as to what makes a “clean” salon to see how yours measures up? Want to know how to start selling eyewear instead of offering it for free? Know what the proper procedure is for cleaning goggles? Or, what really does happen to your eyes when you don’t wear eyewear? How about how to prevent “raccoon eye” tan lines? The answers to all of these questions and more can be found in the “Salon Tips” section of WinkEase.com – Eye Pro’s website – and best of all, it’s FREE and available 24/7 to any salon operator.

“Offering salons support is so important to us at Eye Pro, and to our industry as a whole,” reminded Jackie DeWald, Office Manager. “That’s why we have a dedicated section of our website called ‘Salon Tips’ where operators find quick and easy ways to help educate their salon team, as well as information on proven ideas and sales tips.” The site offers a variety of things: a FREE, 30-minute online staff training; downloadable, singlepage PDFs of salon tips, including a 104-point salon cleaning checklist; the WINK-EASE “one-time use” letter to share with tanners who want to re-use their disposable eyewear; articles explaining how to switch to selling eyewear instead of cleaning it; a Tanners’ Quiz and more. “Our goal is to be an online resource to help salons increase sales,” DeWald continued. “The ‘Salon Tips’ section is found at WinkEase.com/support/salon-tips/ and we add new tips all the time.”

The WinkEase.com Salon Tips section is a collection of the top salon procedures to share with all tanning establishments, according to Eye Pro President, Brenda Fishbaugh. “We encourage top salons to contribute their proven best practices, and we hope every salon team can incorporate something they find under ‘Salon Tips’ and make it their own best practice for their specific location and clientele.”

Eye Pro also has posted very informative videos on YouTube to help explain how to properly wear products and learn which are best for your salon guests. To learn about special salon offers, promotions and free social media support for salons, follow and “like” Eye Pro on Facebook (Wink-Ease), Twitter or Pinterest. For more info on Eye Pro products, visit WinkEase.com or call 800.726.8322.