How I Convince my Tanners to Wear Eyewear – Part One

You’ve heard from me before with my ideas for getting tanners to protect their eyes, but let’s go to salon owners around the country and ask them how they present a convincing eye protection case to their salon guests. So many operators shared their tips, this will be a multi-part series!

Kristin Lee Smithers, owner of Sunny Shores Tanning & Treasures in North East, PA, starts with a personal connec- tion. “I was dumb when I was younger and didn’t use eye protection. Now, I barely have night vision,” she explains. “Most of us understand that we should wear sunglasses outside, but it’s even more critical to wear eye protection in a sunbed.” Kristin tells them that it’s a state and federal law, as well as a require- ment of her insurance coverage, but she wants them to know how she damaged her eyes before becoming a salon owner.

Longtime salon owner, Rhonda Culligan, relocated to a new state and started all over with Sunsational Spray Tan Spa in Chattanooga, TN. She echoes Kristin’s approach. “I burned my retinas and corneas, so I am emphatic about tanners using eyewear!” she exclaims. She starts with, “Eyewear is required by law.