How I Convince my Tanners to Wear Eyewear – Part Three

In the July and August issues, I shared many ways tanning center operators coax guests into wearing eye protection during a UV session. Some, like Robert Ashe, Owner of Sun Seekers in Portsmouth, NH “smooth talk” their tanners. “I say to them, ‘You have beautiful eyes, I’d hate to see you ruin them’.” Others take the tough approach, like James Plummer, Owner of two Millennium Tan salons. “Eye protection is mandatory in my salons and tanners must have their own. No goggles, no tan!” he states. “We require tanners to physically show their FDA-compliant eye protection to our attendant at every single visit. My feeling is that this can save me from being sued years later,” this Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada operator explains.

Plummer brings up an important point about liability. The FDA reports that the No. 1 reason tanners seek medical attention after an indoor tanning session is eye (corneal) burns, called  photokeratitis. It’s so easy for a tanner to prevent eye injury – all they need to do is use one of the goggle types or disposable eye protection products you offer! I recommend you check in with your insurance agent. They most certainly are going to require that you ask for eye protection every time your tanner enters the facility, as it is a federal law, and also a state law in most states. (Want to know your state laws? Email with your state and I’ll send you the latest.)