How long should a tanner use the same pair of goggles?

Lisa Parsons, Director of Brand Development at Devoted Creations (makers of Podz eyewear) recommends that tanners replace goggles quarterly. “Most likely, your salon guests will have lost or broken their goggles before they need to be replaced,” this industry veteran explains. “It’s really important that tanners keep goggles clean. I think lens wipes for sunglasses are the quickest and easiest way to disinfect re-useable eyewear. But even if goggles are cleaned after every use, a tanner will want to replace them frequently to minimize the risk of contact with germs.”

I also asked Chris Shaffer of New Sunshine Brands what that product-maker suggests. “Consumers should fully review the information provided either on or within the eyewear packaging to ensure proper usage and care,” the VP of sales explains. “Cracked or damaged eyewear should not be used. Tanners need to understand that goggles are not intended for prolonged use. Use and care instructions could vary based on design or material.”

Shaffer adds, “When using Australian Gold disinfectant solution to sanitize eyewear, usage instructions should be reviewed and followed closely. The formulas and instructions can differ slightly by manufacturer.” This 29-year industry veteran weighed in with one final thought: “Goggles should be stored in a cool, dry place.”

Parsons had additional suggestions…

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