“How To Clean Goggles” Handout for Salons!

August 2019 – Do you really know how to clean goggles properly?  Does your staff know goggles need to soak for 10 minutes to be disinfected enough to not pass on the flu and eye infections?  If your salon approach is to just “dip and wipe”, you are NOT killing anything! And, you are also leaving a strong disinfectant residue on the goggles that can harm your clients’ eyes! 

Does your staff know that you need to make completely fresh bed cleaner and goggle cleaner EVERY 24 HOURS to follow every bed cleaner’s directions and avoid your bed cleaner losing its effectiveness? “It’s so important to train new staff and remind current staff to always follow ALL of the necessary steps for cleaning; especially goggles,” reminded Jackie DeWald, EYE PRO office manager. “Our one-page, step-by-step instructional guide outlines each step — like testing with a Quatenary litmus strip to ensure the proper mixture and how and why you should keep cleaned goggles in a sealed container (NOT in a basket at your counter or lying on a tanning bed).”  

“Perhaps your salon doesn’t clean goggles — you have your tanners buy goggles or disposables,” explained Brenda Fishbaugh, EYE PRO President.  “You’ll still want this informational sheet to show your clients WHY your salon DOESN’T clean shared goggles — because you can’t guarantee the correct process will be followed.”  

To receive the EYE PRO “How to Properly Clean Goggles”, email WinkEase@WinkEase.com and enter ‘Clean Goggles article’ in the email subject line. Salons will receive a FREE  download link for the EYE PRO website to print for staff use as a handy reference. 

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