I Just Secret-Shopped Your Salon!

In my 26 years in this industry, I’ve seen things over and over that ruin a salon’s professionalism. You may have great equipment and a great location; but if your beds have leftover lotion goo where someone swung their legs to get out of the bed (and hand prints on the top acrylic), I’m grossed out and not tanning with you – your salon is clearly NOT CLEAN! How many other things do you or your staff overlook?

As I approach your front door, I hate weeds and cigarette butts and dirty sidewalks. Does your door have fingerprints and old, peeling credit card stickers? Yuck! Along with homemade signs hung with scotch tape on the door and counter, it assures me you don’t run a clean or professional salon. It feels more like a gas station – not a place where I’d be comfortable lying down naked.

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