Is Your Salon Squeaky Clean?

Take this 10 Question Quiz to Find Out!

1. Diseases, germs and viruses collect on tanning beds and goggles unless disinfected properly. True/False

2. Every leading maker of bed and goggle sanitizing solution recommends mixing it fresh daily. True/False

3. You can use products to clean sun- beds and eyewear that aren’t specifically made for tanning salon use. True/False

4. Tanners should keep eye protection in a resealable plastic bag or box to prevent contamination. True/False

5. A quaternary strip is used to test sunlamp output. True/False


1. True. Most surfaces will hold bacteria and germs that make us sick. It is important to clean goggles and tanning beds with hospital-grade disinfectant made for acrylic shields. Moving to disposable eyewear can eliminate disease transmitted by shared goggles.

2. True. Manufacturers follow the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which…

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