Oh, the Stories Tanners Tell!

I’ve been in the indoor tanning industry for 30 years pushing the importance of eye protection. I thought I’d heard all the excuses tanners gave for not wearing it … but a few of these even surprised me over the years!

Dana Branson, District Manager at The Tan Company in Columbia, MO had a guest tell her that she didn’t need eyewear because she SMOKED SO MUCH WEED. “I told her, ‘Ma’am, that’s good for glaucoma, not preventing cataracts,’” Dana laughed.

Kelly Priebe, of Sun Spa UV & Spray-Tanning Studio of Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, had a tanner claim after her session that she had forgotten her goggles, and USED A SOCK over her eyes instead of hollering for Kelly to bring her some. But Kelly doubted the tanner was able to use even a completely inadequate “UV-blocking sock” … for a stand-up session!

Salon operators have used some creative methods to combat tanners’ crazy excuses. Crystal Martin, of Sun Spot Atlantis in Colorado Springs, CO offered a once-a-year goggle exchange.

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