Many salon operators weighed in recently in the Tanning SalonOwners Forum, a tanning salon (closed) Facebook group. What did they weigh in on? Over 60 salon owners hotly discussed how their guests steal shared goggles! Paul H. complained that he loses hundreds of pairs a year. DG said that she just realized this was also happening at her studio. And Zuma Tan says, “My goggles have feet!”

What can you do if your communal goggles are walking out of your salon? Other salon owners made suggestions. Joe Eng has an easy solution – he takes the guest’s car keys as a “deposit.” Many other owners no longer offer shared goggles. Cindy L.H. writes, “We don’t supply them anymore. We sell them all day long for $5 a pair.” Another salon owner, Barbara S.H., shares her smart idea: “We charge $5 per pair, but we discount to $3 if they purchase a tanning package.”

So, why wouldn’t you sell goggles? Three states require salons to provide free eye protection – Pennsylvania, New York and Texas require salons to provide guests with disposable eye protection or communal goggles at every visit. Ohio and New Jersey October 2019 istmagazine.com have rescinded their laws and allow the salon to decide whether they provide eye protection for free or charge for it. For health reasons, New Hampshire, Kentucky and Iowa regulations do NOT allow salons to have community goggles. Community goggles that are not disinfected properly between uses can easily spread pink-eye, colds and flu, and even serious diseases.

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