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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021

November 2021 – EYE PRO, Inc., world leader in disposable eye protection for indoor tanning and makers of Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE and WINK-EASE Dark, wants to be sure salons are equipped to help their tanners understand the importance – and the benefits – of wearing proper eye protection when tanning.

Before the holidays and tanning season really get underway, a quick refresher course to help understand WHY eye protection is so important is a great way for salons to get their staff ready. “Some salon staff don’t even wear eye protection,” explains Eye Pro President, Brenda Fishbaugh. “A salon team won’t push eyewear if they don’t believe in it, or understand it’s the federal law for EVERY state, as well as every country.” While Fishbaugh understands it’s a battle for salon operators to educate tanners on the importance of eye protection, she urges them to educate themselves, so that they can then educate tanners. “When a salon guest asks ‘Do I REALLY need to wear eye protection when I tan?’ – that’s the perfect time for staff to say ‘Yes, you do!’ and then explain why wearing eye protection not only prevents potential eye diseases, vision loss, or permanent eye damage, but enhances the tanning experience.”

Eye Pro offers a FREE online eye protection training for salon staff called “Don’t be Slow to Save Your Sight!” The easy-to-take training includes a quick, 20-question quiz to help determine who’s smart about eye protection, with questions ranging from what percentage of tanners seek medical attention after a single session, to the potential eye damage and vision loss, to updates on FDA recommendations and eye protection laws for individual states and countries.

The 30-minute training also includes helpful, usable tanning tips, such as how to combat “raccoon eyes” and the difference between eye protection types. Other information crucial for staff to be reminded of: how to clean and care for goggles and prevent eye infections by providing hygienic disposables – both of which are so important in the current tanning salon environment.

At the end of the training, not only will salon staff find out how they scored, all attendees will receive lots of FREE educational materials for the salon and a personalized certificate to proudly display in the salon verifying their team members are “Eye Protection Experts.”

To take Eye Pro’s FREE online training, go to, hover over the “Support” navigation button and then, select “Salon Training” from the drop-down menu.

For more info on all Eye Pro products, visit or call 1.800.726.8322. To learn about special salon offers and promotions, follow and “like” WINK-EASE on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.


Monday, November 1st, 2021
In my October column, I wrote about a longtime salon operator who recently encountered a couple of guests who didn’t like being asked to show the salon staff their eyewear before being able to tan. They felt it was demeaning and they were being treated like babies.
I am not making this up! I was contacted by a tanner in my state – Indiana – who wanted to know if it was the law that he had to prove he had eye protection. I sent him the 14-page Indiana law (with a three-page synopsis) and covered the several sections in Indiana regulations that stress the importance of eyewear. He wrote to me twice more, stating that even though the law states eyewear must be worn during a session, the law didn’t explicitly say he had to show his eyewear to salon staff every time, and he felt that he was being treated like a baby!
I asked several salon operators how they handle this situation with their salon tanners who feel the same way.
Melissa Laribee, Owner of Golden Goddess Tanning Boutique in Colchester, CT said: 
“If only two customers are having an issue out of ALL your customers, I would just tell them it’s really simple: This is the rule here and if they don’t like it, they don’t have to come back! My bottom line is that it’s YOUR salon and YOUR rules and you are only trying to protect them. We aren’t asking for anything out of the ordinary: when they tan, they have to wear eye protection and since we can’t be in the room with them to make sure they do it, the next best thing is to at least make sure they have it.”

Tabitha Camp, Tab’s Tanning in Portage, IN shared a great idea:

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End the Debate About the Importance of Eye Protection!

Saturday, October 2nd, 2021

October 2021 — EYE PRO, Inc., world leader in clean disposable eye protection for indoor tanning and makers of Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE and WINK-EASE Dark, has a new way for salons to stress the importance of eye protection to tanners.

“Wearing eye protection while indoor tanning is a requirement in every state and country,” explains Brenda Fishbaugh, EYE PRO president. “To help salon owners and managers eliminate the need to debate with tanning customers about why they should wear eye protection, EYE PRO created social media memes to help educate tanners about eye protection in a more informative, and light-hearted manner.”

“We have created two dozen FREE memes for your salon to post — to gently remind your tanners why wearing eyewear is both critical and required.  We think salon owners and staff alike will love our “Tanning Tip” series with explanations about how eyelids don’t protect your eyes from UV or a towel over your face is an SPF 5,” says EYE PRO Office Manager  Jackie DeWald.

“Driving this point home on your social media ahead of time in a friendly but firm manner sets a positive tone for your customers’ tanning experiences,” Fishbaugh concluded.

To receive EYE PRO’s FREE memes, email and enter “IST Education Memes” in the email subject line. EYE PRO will email you social media tanning ads to post on your salon pages across multiple platforms.  Visit WINK-EASE on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest to find libraries of thousands of tanning social media memes for your salon to share at no charge.

For more information on Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE or WINK-EASE Dark clean disposable eye protection, visit or contact EYE PRO at 1-800-726-8322.  Follow and “like” WINK-EASE on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest to learn about educational information, special salon offers and promotions.


Friday, October 1st, 2021

I recently received this email from a salon owner who has asked to stay anonymous because he doesn’t want to be publicly disrespectful to a guest; so, I call him “Owner” here.

Owner wrote to me:
We have a few customers who insist that having our staff check eye pro- tection is not needed and that the law doesn’t actually require it. The wording of the code is a bit ambiguous to me. It clearly says eye protection is required, but it doesn’t say that the salons in our state MUST check each time. I won- dered if you had something we could use to better defend the eye protection requirement. Our guest claims she uses them, but us checking is “insulting” and she doesn’t want to be “treated like a child.” Any help is appreciated.

Owner wrote to his “insulted” tanner (in part):
We understand that not everyone likes to use or show eye protection, but it is Federal Law that FDA-compliant eye protection must be worn to use a UV tanning bed. Anything other than FDA-complaint eye protection does not comply with the law. Even if there were no official government requirement, we would still require it. It is my feeling this safety requirement comes with nearly no downside.

Due to COVID, we no longer offer communal eye protection. This means each person must have their own pair. It also means that before we can let someone into a room, we need to physically see that eye protection. Our intention is simply to follow the law and encourage the safest tanning environment that we can.

To be clear, on each visit you will be required to show FDA-compliant eye protection, or you will be refused service. To make it easier for you, I have added $0.50 to your account so you can redeem it for a free pair of disposable eye protection. If for some reason you prefer not to tan rather than show your eye protection, please let me know and we will refund you.

I thought Owner’s response was great. When we spoke on the phone, I learned that he had 17 years of experience in tanning. Owner shared, “The hardest thing about responding to this customer was that I wanted to be respectful, but firm. I thought it was important for her to understand why we require eye protection (for her safety) while not trying to hide behind a policy or pass the blame. The reason I added fifty cents on her account was to remove any barriers she might have, such as, ‘I didn’t bring any money’, etc.”

Here are some additional thoughts I provided to Owner:

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Promote Your Salon This Fall with FREE Tanning Memes!

Thursday, September 2nd, 2021

September 2021 – Eye Pro, Inc., world leader in clean, disposable eye protection for indoor tanning and makers of Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE and WINK-EASE Dark, is helping make social media efforts easier for salons with fresh new seasonal memes geared toward fall … for FREE!

“Social media is a constantly moving target and now more than ever, people are relying on it for immediate attention and promotion,” explained Eye Pro President, Brenda Fishbaugh. “It’s hard enough to determine which platform is best for your particular salon and then, continuously develop posts that will engage your online followers. Social media ads,or ‘memes’ offer a quick, visual and fun way to stay in front of your customers on an on-going basis, while subtly educating them on the importance of eyewear, lotions and tanning tips.”
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How I Convince my Tanners to Wear Eyewear – Part Three

Wednesday, September 1st, 2021

In the July and August issues, I shared many ways tanning center operators coax guests into wearing eye protection during a UV session. Some, like Robert Ashe, Owner of Sun Seekers in Portsmouth, NH “smooth talk” their tanners. “I say to them, ‘You have beautiful eyes, I’d hate to see you ruin them’.” Others take the tough approach, like James Plummer, Owner of two Millennium Tan salons. “Eye protection is mandatory in my salons and tanners must have their own. No goggles, no tan!” he states. “We require tanners to physically show their FDA-compliant eye protection to our attendant at every single visit. My feeling is that this can save me from being sued years later,” this Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada operator explains.

Plummer brings up an important point about liability. The FDA reports that the No. 1 reason tanners seek medical attention after an indoor tanning session is eye (corneal) burns, called  photokeratitis. It’s so easy for a tanner to prevent eye injury – all they need to do is use one of the goggle types or disposable eye protection products you offer! I recommend you check in with your insurance agent. They most certainly are going to require that you ask for eye protection every time your tanner enters the facility, as it is a federal law, and also a state law in most states. (Want to know your state laws? Email with your state and I’ll send you the latest.)

Window Cling Reminds Tanners Eye Protection is Required

Monday, August 2nd, 2021

August 2021 – EYE PRO, Inc., world leader in eyewear and makers of Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE and WINK-EASE Dark, is offering a great way to help salons start the conversation with tanners about why eye protection is important, and more importantly, required — even before they walk through the salon door.

“Many tanners don’t realize why wearing eyewear protects your eyes, but also that it’s REQUIRED and not an option,” reminded Brenda Fishbaugh, EYE PRO President. “Tanners sign a waiver that includes a lot of information, and that’s all they remember.  Asking new clients — ‘Do you have your eyewear?’ — might be seen as a bit confrontational.  A better approach is to use subtle messaging in every form of interaction with your tanners to help remind them that eye protection IS required and why it’s so important.”

For example, have your eye protection options on display behind the counter, or even on the front counter of the salon.  Keeping goggles and disposables in the display boxes they come in also really helps catch a tanner’s attention.  A professional sign in your lobby or hallway, or on each tanning bed reminds everyone that eyewear is required.  “If your staff has been eye-protection certified, framing and displaying your eye expert certificates on the wall also sends a strong ‘eye protection is important here’ message,” reminded Jackie DeWalk, EYE PRO Office Manager.

Social media is also a great way to bump your tanners with reminders. “When you run a professional salon with a highly educated staff, it’s so important to promote that to customers every chance you get,” said DeWald.  “We want to make sure salons are equipped with all the necessary tools to let tanners know they have eye protection options,” she continued.

“Our FREE window cling placed on the front window of your salon or just inside the door is the perfect way to not only let your tanners know eye protection is required before they walk in, but also that you carry the original ‘clean’ brand of disposable eye protection, and the best available,” explained Fishbaugh. “It helps start the conversation, while reminding them that not all eye protection is the same.”  Continue Reading »

How I Convince Tanners to Wear Eyewear Part Two

Sunday, August 1st, 2021

Last month, my column featured interviews with several salon operators who shared their tips for encouraging tanners to wear eye protection. This month, I’m talking to longtime salon owner, Angelene Eubank.

“How do I convince my tanners they need to wear eye protection? For us, it’s all in the verbiage when we make a sale. Every time someone signs up or buys a package, we just grab a pair of goggles and say, ‘You absolutely need to protect your eyes,’ and just ring up the sale. Our guests do not even question it. If a tanner says, ‘Oh, I already have eyewear’ we say something like, ‘That’s great, keep using them to protect your eyes!’” shares this Mattawan, MI operator.

This industry veteran gained her skills by working in the family’s tanning salon business while going to college. “When I show a customer the correct way to fold disposable eyewear, I again emphasize the importance of wearing it,” explains Eubank. “And when I give a salon tour, I instruct them, ‘When you lie down on the bed, pull the canopy down, make sure that your eyewear is in place to protect your eyes, and push the start button.’”

“After two decades in the tanning industry, I’ve learned how repetition is important in making your message heard,” she continues. “Another way we reinforce the eyewear message is by placing the goggle tower and display box of disposables on our back counter, which is a great reminder to our tanners that they need to buy eyewear. The disposable eyewear display box is a conversation starter. Tanners will say, ‘She looks like an alien with those cones on.’ I use this as a lead-in to my pitch. Did you know those cones are see-through, but completely block all damaging UV light? Did you know those silly cones have been FDA compliant since 1985? Here, let’s put a pair on you, so you can see how well they work with no strings or nose bridge.”

WINK-EASE Dark Provides Protection for Red Light, Hybrid Beds & More!

Friday, July 2nd, 2021

July 2021 –EYE PRO, Inc., world leader in disposable eye protection and makers of Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK- EASE and WINK-EASE Dark, wants salon operators to know it’s simply smart to protect tanners’ eyes from any intense light by offering eye protection for every type of session.

Eye protection is not required by law for red-light sessions, but IS required in hybrid tanning units emit- ting UV. “Hybrids are super bright, because they are UV AND red light. So tanners can wear our disposable Ultra Gold or Lash Room styles, or they can really diminish the bright light with WINK-EASE Dark,” explained Eye Pro President, Brenda Fishbaugh. “Because of its custom fit, WINK- EASE Dark leaves maximum eye area exposed so the user receives the full benefits of red light, as well as protection from the extreme brightness.”

“Tanners love our original disposables; however, when they want a quick lunchtime nap, or they suffer from migraines or even have hangovers, the unanimous choice is disposable WINK-EASE Dark,” adds Fishbaugh. “They still provide FDA-compliant eye protection, but is considerably darker than our Ultra Gold style. It helps tanners nap more easily, avoid light-sensitive headaches, and is the perfect choice for hybrid sessions,” she continued. Continue Reading »

How I Convince my Tanners to Wear Eyewear – Part One

Thursday, July 1st, 2021

You’ve heard from me before with my ideas for getting tanners to protect their eyes, but let’s go to salon owners around the country and ask them how they present a convincing eye protection case to their salon guests. So many operators shared their tips, this will be a multi-part series!

Kristin Lee Smithers, owner of Sunny Shores Tanning & Treasures in North East, PA, starts with a personal connec- tion. “I was dumb when I was younger and didn’t use eye protection. Now, I barely have night vision,” she explains. “Most of us understand that we should wear sunglasses outside, but it’s even more critical to wear eye protection in a sunbed.” Kristin tells them that it’s a state and federal law, as well as a require- ment of her insurance coverage, but she wants them to know how she damaged her eyes before becoming a salon owner.

Longtime salon owner, Rhonda Culligan, relocated to a new state and started all over with Sunsational Spray Tan Spa in Chattanooga, TN. She echoes Kristin’s approach. “I burned my retinas and corneas, so I am emphatic about tanners using eyewear!” she exclaims. She starts with, “Eyewear is required by law.