The Case for Selling Eyewear – Community Goggles Not Always Best Option

Whenever I present a seminar to a group of salon operators, nearly a third of the audience tells me they provide “shared” goggles to their tanners. They say that they feel it is the key to eliminating excuses for not wearing eye protection.

Then I ask them, “Okay, you are loaning your guests goggles at no charge – but how many do you sincerely believe are wearing them during their sessions?”

The answer: “Half. Half of my tanners wear eye protection.”

Why would only half of your guests use eyewear that you provide at no cost? The answer is simple.

Salon tanners often express concerns about wearing provided community goggles. They see the leftover “mascara ring” in the eye cups and freak out! They see the soak-tank on your counter with a layer of makeup floating on top, and they are less than comfortable with getting those goggles anywhere near their eyes. They see the “clean” goggles lying on a towel on your counter, but that’s unappealing. Questions cross their mind:

“Were they rinsed?”

“Why are they sitting out in the open and picking up germs from the air?”

“How often do they change that cleaning solution?”

“Is the cleaner so strong it could hurt my eyes?”

Back to my seminar: Now, I address the operators who only sell eye protection and do not loan it to tanners but require them to have their own. Some of these salons provide disposable eyewear, some include a pair of new goggles with a membership. Some merely sell eye protection, but do not provide re useable goggles.

“Why do you insist that tanners have their own eyewear?” I ask this group.

The answers:

“We are worried about spreading disease by not cleaning goggles correctly.” 

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