What’s Your Approach?

In my November column, I wrote about a longtime salon operator who had recently encountered a couple of guests who didn’t like being asked to show the salon staff their eyewear before being able to tan. They felt it was demeaning and that they were being treated “like babies.” I asked several salon operators how they handle this situation with their tanners who feel the same way.

Laura Maxx, Ultra Sun Salon in Manchester, CT explains why eyewear is so important.

“I’ve owned our salon for 37 years, so I encounter customer push-back occa- sionally. I tell every person who signs up: ‘Eyewear is required to be shown to the camera on each visit – have it out for us to see or get asked to take it out. Is that acceptable to you? Good! The safety of your eyes while using our facility is a top priority to us and we appreciate your cooperation.’ Secondly, as the owner of the facility, I require it as I want to run a safe and professional business for them. No eyewear, no room entry! If they really have it, they shouldn’t have an issue showing it. Mutual respect.”

Zoe’ Buchmuller-Killeen of Forever Sunshine Tanning in Little Ferry, NJ has a different approach.

“I think a picture is worth a thousand words. I show them the photos of possible eye damage from unprotected tanning that are printed on the educational handout provided by Wink-Ease. It works every time!”

Team Eye Pro loves this idea:

Christi Miller of Moon Shine Tanning in Glenpool, OK repeats a simple message.

“I have it written on a sticky note, the membership agreements and the handbook – No Eyewear • No Tan • No Exceptions”

Melissa Larabee, Owner of Golden Goddess Tanning Boutique in Colchester, CT gets her guest’s acceptance in writing: