Holiday Tanning Made Safe and Easy

November and December are busy months for salons — with more tanners coming in ready to get their glow on for the holidays or preparing with a base tan to be ready for winter vacation and warmer climates.  This article is a good reminder to not only use proper hospital-grade disinfectants made specifically for cleaning sunbeds, but also HOW to do it properly.

First, make sure you mix disinfectant solution properly. Don’t just add more concentrate to “make it better!” It doesn’t make the solution better; it makes it strong enough to irritate tanners’ skin! It’s critical that you mix disinfectant to the exact label specs.

Second, you must check your solution with a quaternary (“quat”) test strip. This litmus paper is similar to what is used to test pool water. Sunbed disinfectants require specific ratios based on their ingredients.

Third, use a fresh towel to disinfect each bed. The sunbed disinfectant experts advise you to spray the solution on the acrylic and wait 60 seconds. It takes that long to sanitize the acrylic – don’t just spray and wipe! Waiting 60 seconds sanitizes and kills 99.9% of fungus and germs. So, during the holidays, spray…

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