Success with Sunless Eye Protection

Crystal Martin, owner of Sun Spot Atlantis of Colorado Springs, CO, is a spectacular salon owner. Her family has been in tanning for 21 years. She joined the business on full-time when she retired from the Air Force ten years ago. Sun Spot started offering sunless tans 18 years, when they purchased an early Mystic Tan blue-box auto spray-booth. The menu now includes two VersaPro spray units, two custom airbrush rooms, FIT Bodywrap, teeth-whitening, a Hydration Station, and 18 UV tanning systems. “I was a military medic for 20 years, so I’m very conscious about health and safety,” explains Crystal. “I want my guests and my staff to be healthy.” She knows that the FDA strongly recommends that mucus membranes be covered during exposure to DHA solution. “As a nurse, I understand how easily the body absorbs through mucus membranes; so, we provide every guest with nose plugs, eyewear, single-use lip balm, and disposable bikini bottoms as protection.”

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