Sunless Safety Measures

Sunless, Inc. is promoting safety in sunless tanning. “We want salons to be more safety conscious when it comes to sunless,” says Brandon Cardinal, VP of Sales and Marketing at Sunless Inc. – the largest sunless company in the world.

There is no such thing as “safe” tanning and sunless should not be defined that way, but it should be defined as an alternative to UV tanning. “Sunless, Inc., like the FDA, suggests spray-tan techs wear face ventilators and eye protection during a session,” Cardinal explains. “And, we encourage tanners to wear a disposable thong garment, nose plugs, and our disposable eyewear to protect sensitive mucous membranes.” He points to an example with which many of us are familiar. “When you get your nails done, the tech wears a mask,” he says. “She doesn’t give you a mask, and we understand why: she’s exposed to the chemicals several times a day, you are exposed once a month. Spray-tan techs need to be aware that if they are sneezing or coughing up brown discharge, they need to start wearing a ventilator.”

Sunless, Inc. now offers printed signs that salons can post in spray-tan areas recommending that guests wear protection. The company’s safety packages also include nose filters, tech goggles, mouth filters, and disposable garments. “Our goal is customer safety and we want to safeguard our guests’ health,” Cardinal says. He recommends that every salon post signage about protection and make the disposable thongs, eyewear and nose filters available to each tanner.

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