The BEST just got better – Ultra Gold Wink-Ease!

UGWE13_box_disp300EYE PRO, Inc., world leader in eyewear and makers of Original WINK-EASE, VIEWkeepers, Fresh-Ease and Wink-Ease Dark, have created a new improved WINK-EASE eye protection called Ultra Gold WINK-EASE

“We have been in the eye protection business since 1985 with our ‘original’ WINK-EASE product,” said EYE PRO President Brenda Fishbaugh.  “It was time to make a few product improvements, including improving the adhesive, visibility and ease of assembly.  All of these amazing enhancements — and the product still has a complete UV block! “continued Fishbaugh.

“The new Ultra Gold Wink-Ease, like the original product, is fantastic for stand-up units as well as traditional beds. The improved visibility is amazing – you can read a few text messages or emails while tanning.” Fishbaugh explained. “We are excited we were able to provide such a wonderful ‘new’ product — and keep the same great price.” she concluded.

UGWE13_30pk_346For more information on Ultra Gold WINK-EASE and VIEWkeepers disposable eyewear, Wink-Ease Dark disposable eye protection for red light and Fresh-Ease Refreshing Body Cloths for after tanning, visit or contact EYE PRO at 1-800-726-8322.

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