This Salon’s Got It Covered!

istcoverdec2016I only had to chat with Melissa Latimer for a few minutes to realize she is very serious about eye protection at her salon. Heck, she’s serious about every- thing that has to do with tanning! This 38-year-old has built a successful tanning salon – Soleil Tan – an elite spray-tan salon, her own sunless solution distribu- tion company, and her own high-end skin care line.

Melissa’s business is based in Carters- ville, GA. We met online, and she wowed me with her grasp of the importance of eye protection. Says Melissa, “We educate clients on the why of why eye protection is important. If guests forget or have misplaced their goggles, we give them a free pair of the deep-lash disposables. We like the style that allows for long lashes because so many of our clients wear lash extensions and they don’t fit in a normal pair of goggles or disposables. We simply say, ‘Hi Julie! We have you ready in Bed 2 – I just need to see your eye protection, please.’” Most salons do that, right? Read on for the difference!

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