WINK-EASE Leopard To Help Save Clouded Leopards!

 Wink-Ease Leopard Helps Save Clouded Leopard

EYE PRO, Inc., world leader in eyewear and makers of WINK-EASE, VIEWkeepers, Fresh-Ease, and Wink-Ease Dark, have created a new eye protection product to raise money to save the endangered Clouded Leopards.

“For a limited time only, we’ve added leopard spots to our famous Wink-Ease eye protection, and are offering 50 pair of Wink-Ease Leopard in a zipper pack,” said EYE PRO President Brenda Fishbaugh.  “These are great for salons to use for promotions – and for every pack purchased, we will be donating $1 to the Clouded Leopard Project to help rescue efforts of this rare Asian cat,” continued Fishbaugh.

“These small leopards are found in the rain forests of Thailand,” Fishbaugh explained. “They are called “clouded” because their leopard spots are very large – like light gray “clouds” covering their compact bodies.”  Fishbaugh found that while there were many organizations working to save animals like the tiger and panda, lesser-known endangered animals were hugely underfunded. “Several zookeepers we have worked with in the past are now focusing their efforts to save the Clouded Leopards. Our donation will make a HUGE difference to keep their efforts alive.”

For more information on the Clouded Leopards and the efforts to save them, visit, The new, “limited time only” Wink-Ease Leopard, along with EYE PRO’s other disposable products, is now available from your favorite distributor.