WINK-EASE Helps Salons “Make the Switch” and Make More Profits!

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

FT. WAYNE, IN – Eye Pro, Inc., world leader in disposable Eye Protec- tion for indoor tanning and makers of Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE and WINK-EASE Dark, is offering salon owners a FREE step-by- step guide on how to stop providing shared eyewear and sell it, instead.

“Salons are always looking for ways to make a profit on accessories,” explains Brenda Fishbaugh, Eye Pro President. “Sometimes, salons don’t realize the expenses involved in providing eyewear for free instead of selling it,” she continues. “We’ve created the handout called, ‘Making the Switch: To only SELLING Eye Protection’ with easy, step-by-step instructions to help operators implement a new policy of not providing eye protection and stop losing money on it.”

Goggles need to be disinfected properly and most salons don’t follow the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) instructions and manufacturer’s instructions. “Did you know solution is required to be mixed daily and goggles must soak for ten minutes?” Fishbaugh asks.“Or, that clean goggles need to be in a covered container to avoid contamination?” Continue Reading »

CRAZY Eyewear Stories! Training is Key!

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

After 26 years in the tanning eye protection biz, you’d think I had heard it all. But, even I was sur- prised when Samantha Stoddard, owner/operator of Arizona Sun Tanning, in Chelsea, MI emailed me explaining that a new tanner had asked for a pair of dispos- able eye protection and rather than fold them into a cone, she stuck them flat on her eyeglasses! A startled Samantha learned that her guest’s previous salon had not informed her that disposable eye protection is folded into a cone to provide a complete seal around the eye. Eyeglasses and sunglasses allow a lot of ambient light in at the sides and don’t protect the eyes, even if they are a full UV-block. Upon further inquiry, Samantha also learned that the tanner had originally laid them flat on her eyes in the stand-up unit, and they blew off – that’s how she came up with the idea to stick them flat on her eyeglasses! Samantha took the time to properly show her how to use disposables to protect her eyes from UV, and explained that they’re the best choice for stand-ups; when worn properly, they don’t blow off!

Although amusing, such anecdotes point out that some salons don’t properly explain how to wear eye protection.

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WINK-EASE Offers FREE “How To Clean Goggles” Handout for Salons!

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017

September 2017 – EYE PRO, Inc., world leader in disposable eye protection for indoor tanning and makers of Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE and WINK-EASE Dark, is all about keeping tanners happy and educating salons and staff on finding the correct eye protection for each client!

“Because we’re the ‘Eye Protection Experts’, salon owners often ask us how they should properly clean goggles,” explained Brenda Fishbaugh, EYE PRO president. “Since Wink-Ease disposable eye protection is a one-time use, they don’t need to be cleaned. However, we want to ensure salons are properly cleaning goggles to protect tanners from eye infections,” she continued. “We’ve created ‘How to Properly Clean Goggles’ with easy step-by-step instructions to help salons meet the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cleaning standards.”

“We work hard to be the leader in eyewear education, and that means spreading the word about the importance of clean eyewear, regardless of the brand or option,” said Jackie DeWald, Office Manager. “Disposable eye protection is the perfect “clean” solution. Helping salons know the proper cleaning steps for goggles, even if that means assisting the goggle companies, is also important because every salon wants a clean environment for their tanners, and that includes clean eyewear,” concluded DeWald.

To receive the EYE PRO “How to Properly Clean Goggles”, email and enter ‘Clean Goggles article’ in the email subject line. Salons will receive a download link for the EYE PRO website to print for staff use as a handy reference.

For more information on Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE or WINK-EASE Dark, visit or contact EYE PRO at 1-800-726-8322.

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See Your Future …A Back to School Eyewear Event

Friday, September 1st, 2017

So, you’re in the tan biz slow season…what to do?

Late summer and fall are great times to host an event that features eye protection. You’ll use your eyewear event to remind your salon guests that eye protection is critical to their future and to show them all the latest options available in the diverse and fun eye protection world.

One great aspect of eye protection is affordability – it’s definitely in the budget of your college-goers. You can contact your favorite distributor and order a boatload of different goggles and disposable eye pro- tection for a ridiculously small investment. I recommend you offer many types … the fun designer styles in every color and the super-cheap kinds and disposables. For your eyewear event, arrange your selection boutique-style. A velvet-covered board and a make-up mirror work well to let each guest try different styles to find a tight fit. Offer a free low-end pair with purchase of a basic upgrade tanning pack- age or a tattoo stick – something around $10. They get a free “fancy” pair of goggles or several pairs of disposables with a high- pressure session, spray-tan or boutique retail item priced around $25.

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Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

June 20, 2017 – EYE PRO, Inc., world leader in disposable eyewear and makers of Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE, and WINK-EASE Dark, participated in the 11th Annual VisionWalk in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Saturday, June 10.

Since its inception in the Spring of 2006, VisionWalk has raised over $35 million to fund sight-saving research, from 62 walks held annually in cities across the country. As promising treatments move into critical human studies, the need for research funding is greater than ever. EYE PRO president Brenda Fishbaugh participated in VisionWalk 2017 in Fort Wayne, Indiana, which raised over $65,000 locally. EYE PRO is proud to join the fight against blindness and participate in helping to raise both critically needed funds for research and awareness about the 10 million Americans affected by blinding retinal diseases.

“Since we have been supporting and educating tanners for 25+ years on the importance of protecting your vision, it only makes sense that we support VisionWalk 2017,” said Fishbaugh. “This year, we also walked with our personal ophthalmologist, Dr. Barbara Schroeder, in addition to our Wink-Ease model, Madison Seifert, who was runner-up for Miss Indiana,” she concluded.
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Standard Procedure Do You Properly Clean Goggles? Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Standard

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Do You Properly Clean Goggles? Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Standard

Many tanning salons no longer provide “community” (loaner) goggles. Only three states require that eye protection be provided for free: New York, Pennsylvania and Texas. When sanitizing loaner goggles, please ensure that you are following these steps to prevent spreading disease in your salon.


It’s Summer — Try WINK-EASE 30 Packs!

Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

July 2017 – EYE PRO, Inc., world leader in disposable eye protection for indoor tanning and makers of Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE and WINK-EASE Dark, says summer is the perfect time to try Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE, or WINK-EASE Dark in the 30-pair pack option.

“During the slower summer season, our WINK-EASE 30-pair packs allow salons to invest less and try disposable eyewear in a smaller quantity option,” says Jackie DeWald, Office Manager. “Or, if your salon only uses Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, for example, the 30-pair packs are a great way to introduce tanners to Lash Room WINK-EASE for longer lashes, or WINK-EASE Dark — perfect for catching a quick nap or using during a red light session.” Continue Reading »


Saturday, July 1st, 2017

How would you answer these basic eye protection questions?

1. I close my eyes during my tanning session, so I don’t need eye protection, right?  Wrong.

Your eyelids block less than25 percent of UV light, so closed eyes are not protected from the powerful lamps that are designed to tan you quickly in a sunbed or booth.

FDA-compliant eye protection – such as the goggles and disposable styles sold in salons – are designed to protect your eyes from UV while minimizing tan lines. You’ll also find that FDA-compliant eyewear is see-thru (even those mirrored goggles and disposable eyewear “stickers” are see-thru – try them and be surprised!) so that you can see to adjust the controls on the tanning unit, check the session timer, or get out of the unit in an emergency situation.

2. Do I need to remove my contact lenses before my tanning session?

If you wear lenses while you tan, they may dry out from the heat and the blowing fans, causing itching and irritation.

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Wink-Ease Offers FREE Tanner’s Quiz to Help Educate Your Staff and Tanners!

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

June 2017 – EYE PRO, Inc., world leader in disposable eye protection for indoor tanning and makers of Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE and WINK-EASE Dark, is all about providing fun and easy eyewear information to you AND your tanners!

“Salon owners tell us all the time they have tanners who don’t believe in eye protection or feel they already ‘know it all’. That is why we offer salons our ‘Tanners Quiz’,” explained Brenda Fishbaugh, EYE PRO president. “Our ‘Tanner’s Quiz’ is a fun tool to use to ask your tanners a few questions or have them take the quick quiz to see what they really know,” Fishbaugh continued.

“We are constantly looking for fun and unique ways to support the salons and educate the tanners and staff alike on the importance of eye protection,” said Jackie DeWald, Office Manager. “A salon owner told us she covered up the answers to our quick Yes/No 10 question quiz and made copies for all of her staff.  She offered first pick of shifts to the employee that got the best score.  This really made her staff interested in learning the answers and helped show her staff why they needed to wear their own eye protection,” concluded DeWald.Some salons offer a free lotion packet or an extra hour off to the employee that does the best to get a little competition going.

To receive the EYE PRO “Tanners Quiz”, email and salons will receive a download link for the EYE PRO website. The quiz can be printed for the salon to have handy when dealing with customers that may be challenging when it comes to eye protection.

For more information on Ultra Gold WINK-EASE, Lash Room WINK-EASE or WINK-EASE Dark visit or contact EYE PRO at 1-800-726-8322.

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Thursday, June 1st, 2017

More and more tanning salons are adding red light therapy to their service menus. Since the units do not emit ultraviolet light, the law does not require users to wear eye protection. As you know, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires FDA-compliant eyewear to be worn during a session in any device that emits UV light – such as sunbeds and booths. The eyewear is expected to block light in the spectrum between 200-550nm (FDA 21 CFR 1040.20). Red light is a totally different spec- trum from UV, ranging from 600-670nm, with low-infrared stim light around 800nm.

If eyewear is not required, why wear it? Most red-light units emit incredibly bright light, and exposure to unprotected eyes is not advisable, even with eyelids closed. On Ergoline’s website, info on the Beauty Angel unit says, “The lamps in the Beauty Angel emit light primarily in the 600-700nm range.

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